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Truck Loans & Lease Louisville, Kentucky

When it comes to hauling inventory or moving your home, the only logical option is to lease a truck in Louisville. From commercial purposes to personal projects, leasing a truck is an incredibly affordable option when faced with an expedited load or if you need to take care of freight business when your own truck is being maintained.

Historically, transportation in Louisville was primarily through the river and railroads. In more recent times, air cargo has grown dramatically creating employment opportunities for the local industry – but that doesn’t mean the trucking industry is declining.

Truckers have become accustomed to the grid-like streets in the downtown business district as they travel outwards from the city via Shelbyville Road, to Shelbyville or via Bardstown Road, to the outlying Kentucky town of Bardstown. Louisville is known for the magnificent view of the “Spaghetti Junction” where Interstates I-64 and I-65 pass through as I-71 starts in Louisville.

Truckers and fleet managers in Louisville understand that they can’t have issues with their trucks. The trucking industry is known for its strict delivery schedules owing to the long distances associated with hauling cargo. Leasing a truck ensures that you get quality vehicles that will not only make the delivery easier but also keep working for as long as the business is running.

Renting also allows you to maintain cash flow and ensure accurate budgeting for your transportation needs.

Why Should I Go through Truck Loan Center?

The process of obtaining a commercial truck is getting more and more complex as dealer programs get stricter and banks shy away from financing truckers. At Truck Loan Center, we take pride in being one of the most competitive truck renting companies in Louisville so that our customers can start their new business or grow their fleet while maintaining optimum cash flow.

Additionally, we have a simple application process that takes little time so you can go back to managing your operations.

Those are not our only strong points!

Indeed, one of the core reasons that fleets lease from us is the simple and convenient application process. But working with us can prove to be a lot more rewarding owing to:

  • Our competitive rates that are tailored according to your current credit
  • A speedy application process and turnaround
  • Transparency and honesty in all dealings
  • Fast closing
  • Maximum uptime owing to our meticulous maintenance programs

At Truck Loan Center, we provide our Louisville customers with the option to either lease or loan a truck or trucks depending on their business or personal needs. Our specialists are always available to discuss the options further if you’re uncertain of the one that is better suited for your case. We will also keep you updated on current offers, specials, and relevant information that may make your decision easier.

Loaning or Leasing Transport Trucks in Louisville

Our friendly and informed staff is ready and willing to help you make out your needs, with regard to both financing and identifying the most ideal truck for the job at hand. We believe that our outstanding customer service, rates and lease terms are unmatched in the whole of Louisville, Kentucky! Contact our professional team today to learn more about your available options.