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Truck Loans & Lease Miami, Florida

The trucking business in Miami is very rewarding, but it’s also competitive. At Truck Loan Center, we work with skilled fleet managers and owner-operators and help make their businesses stronger. Indeed, running a successful trucking business requires you to do a lot more than simply choosing a route, picking a truck and hauling cargo.

When you are scaling your trucking operations, you have a good idea of the kind of trucks and equipment you need, but getting them is usually the most expensive decision you can face in the industry. You need to decide whether to buy or rent the equipment; a decision that would best be made with the assistance of our skilled staff.

When it comes to making a choice between buying and renting, it depends on your specific financial situation. If you choose to buy, you will have to make a sizeable down payment and then get financed to cater for the remaining amount. You might also face loan repayments that eat away at your earnings.

Leasing the equipment you need with Truck Loan Center helps to lift the financial burden from our business. Unlike other truck loan companies, we make the application process easy and efficient. Leases are usually structured like rentals with much lower payments, such as monthly fees for the use of the equipment. Some leases are structured so the equipment is transferred to you after making the last payment. Our services are flexible, so come in and talk to our experts so we can see which option is best for you.

Why Should I Go through Truck Loan Center?

Trucking companies in Miami can experience financial problems when shippers delay their payments, especially when following net-40 to net-60 day terms. You’ll also need to take expenses like fuel and maintenance that occur regularly into consideration. If your trucking business is expanding rapidly, the expenses can easily get ahead of revenues.

Leasing the equipment allows you to maintain and grow profits. Even when you have made full payment on a piece of equipment, it could depreciate considerably over time, making selling or using it difficult and a potential future monetary loss.

Loaning or Leasing Transport Trucks in Miami

At Truck Loans Center, we care deeply about our Miami customers and strive to give them the best deals for leasing equipment. Our service is characterized by:

  • Competitive rates based on your current credit
  • Simple application process with fast turnaround
  • Honesty and transparency in all dealings
  • Fast closing
  • Exceptional customer service for assistance

You don’t need to have a solid plan for the next step of your trucking business when approaching us. Chances are that speaking with our expert staff will reveal things you had not considered So, contact our skilled and friendly team today to learn more about your available options.