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Truck Loans And Leasing Services New York

Are you looking for new or used trucks for your next hauling job in New York? Whether you are an owner-operator or fleet manager, Truck Loan Center can custom-tailor a lease package that fits your budget.

From the expressways to the interstates, from JFK to the George Washington Bridge, trucking in New York can be exciting if you have a little patience and familiarity with the routes. But it is unlikely that you want to be driving your own truck when there are more favourable leasing options available at Truck Loan Center.

That said, choosing to own or lease does not have to be one of those “either-or” decisions. Many fleets enjoy the benefits of both options in order to optimize their operations and provide the best possible service to their clients.

Generally, the decision to rent or buy commercial trucks is influenced by factors such as seasonality, routes, truck configurations, operation type, finances, and organizational preferences. About 65 per cent of fleet operators own their trucks, equipments, warehouses, and other hard assets either as a financial preference or part of the company culture.

While owning allows you to maintain your vehicles and keep them for longer, it also means a high cost of acquisition, followed by ongoing expenses associated with maintenance, repairs, adherence to regulations, and staff recruitment and maintenance. Having old vehicles may also cause you to miss out on new, practical technologies.

Leasing, on the other hand, allows you to proceed with business without tying up too much of your cash in deposits and credit. This translates to more financial flexibility and faster growth as you can lease more tracks as you get more clients.

Leasing also offers shorter trade cycles that allows you to take advantage of the rapid changes in technology and upgrade faster, compared to if you owned the vehicles. This may be particularly appealing to fleet managers who want the latest in safety-technology, or leverage new specs to retain and motivate drivers.

Why should I work through Truck Loan Center?

With offices in different places across North America, Truck Loan Center is one of the largest and most reputable trucking companies in the continent. We understand that some of our clients are not familiar with the terms and benefits of leasing a truck for their fleet.

Our professional team in New York is always ready to help you analyze the costs and benefits of buying versus renting. We use a comparative value analysis to uncover the potential cost savings and also provide you with a benchmark that you can use to compare your business operation to the New York industry standards.

In other words, we provide personalized service that will not only allow you to get a better view of the industry, but also get your truck on the road as soon as possible.

People choose to work with us because of our:

  • Transparency and candor
  • Fast application process/turnaround
  • Competitive rates based off your credit

Loaning or Renting Transport Trucks in New York

With Truck Loan Center, you can loan or lease one or more trucks depending on your New York business needs. And when you need professional assistance finding the best truck for the work, our expert team will jump in to guide you in making the right decision.