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The first loan that Truck Loan Center secured for a client when we opened our doors was for a small company looking to add a used dump truck to their fleet. Since that first deal, the Truck Loan Center has financed hundreds of dump trucks across the country, spanning a wide range of industries and a variety of clients, contributing to their success and helping them build and grow their respective businesses. We specialize in providing our clients with secure truck loans and truck leasing options.

Dump Truck Loans

With an ever-increasing demand for gravel, sand and construction debris transport – the dump truck industry has experienced steady growth over the years. The resale value of a dump truck has always been strong and that is why the cost of purchasing a new or used truck has always been high. This is where our ability to provide unparalleled truck loans and truck leasing to our hardworking clients comes into play.

The team at Truck Loan Center has in depth knowledge of the construction and trucking industry and understands the need for a good quality truck in order for you to perform well in your job and provide a high level of service to your clients. Our team has worked with owners and operators, small fleet operators and large construction companies’ and has helped them secure the lowest cost financing for their new and used dump truck purchases. The rate at which you are able to secure truck loans and truck leasing is crucial to the success of your business. Truck Loan Center can help you finance your dump truck and continue to grow a profitable business.

The credit team at the Truck Loan Center understands the seasonality of the dump truck industry and we can help structure your finance program to suit your specific needs. We have the ability to offer the following:

  • Seasonal payments
  • Large residual to keep monthly payments low
  • Low down payments
  • Skip payments

All special requests require credit approval but since we know the industry, we provide options for all of your clients so they can run their business without any added pressure.

We also have a network of dealers across the country that can provide our clients with special discounts if the financing is secured through the Truck Loan center.

Make sure to speak to us today to secure your approval.

We work with all makes and models, whether you are looking for new or used. Our vast network of resources ensures that no stone is left unturned and no option left unexplored when it comes to truck loans and truck leasing. If there’s an amazing deal out there, we will find it for you.

We Finance a Variety of Dump Trucks

  • Quad, triaxle and tandem vehicles
  • Articulated vehicles
  • Transfer vehicles
  • Dump trailer and semi-tractors

Our team is willing to work with all business owners, regardless of credit status. Financial difficulties are common and we recognize the need for individuals to repair their credit and raise their scores. Our credit team will look at every file and try to understand the story before making a decision. We never dismiss a client out of hand and want to work with you to achieve your business and financing goals. We help our clients secure truck loans and truck leasing – and we don’t shut them down.

Our objective is to try and help you, regardless of whether you have ever owned a dump truck or are interested in becoming a first-time buyer. Application approval is based on meeting our basic minimum requirements and while we cannot guarantee approval for all applicants, we will do our best to find a solution for anyone who has a need for financing.

Dump Truck Loans

Others claim to be the real truck loan specialists, but we pride ourselves on being THE ONLY TRUCK LOAN SPECIALISTS!

Don’t leave your truck loans and truck leases to the other guys. Place your business and your trust in the hands of the experts and contact us today.