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Food Truck Loans

Food trucks are big purchases, but are a must if you are looking to enter this competitive industry. Over the past couple of decades, the prevalence of food trucks in cities across North America has continuously grown, and with the advent of all sorts of cooking and eating shows on television, the food truck industry is guaranteed to earn profit for hardworking business owners. It goes without saying that when making purchases of this magnitude and financial importance, it’s paramount that you make sure you are dealing with industry professionals who have the experience and expertise to back up their work. Know that you can trust the financial well-being of yourself and your business to our experts. Our team understands your industry’s various financing and capital requirements. This will save you time from explaining yourself or expending resources. Instead, you’ll spend your valuable time accessing the money you need for your business to grow and thrive.

We bring the same flexible financing, truck loans and truck leasing options to our food truck industry clients and will work just as hard to ensure you are getting the best truck loan and truck lease terms possible. As industry leaders, we understand the needs of your business and are confident that we can provide you with the best truck loan and truck leasing solutions.

Food trucks come in a wide range of sizes and functionalities. These vehicles can range in length from 14 to 30 feet. The kitchens you find in these trucks are fully functional and regulated just like other commercial kitchens, and include the space requirements means that special trucks are required. You will want to select a food truck based not only on your business needs but what you will realistically be able to afford and service. Traditional lending avenues for this type of vehicle could be a bank or a credit union but we will employ the same creativity and knowledge of the diverse financing options available to help you secure the financing you need to get your business going. When it comes to securing the best truck loans and truck leases on the market, the Truck Loan Center is like a finely tuned, highly sophisticated search engine that is able to expertly find you deals that would otherwise remain hard to find, or out of reach for you.

A food truck is an expensive piece of machinery. It’s not just the vehicle itself, the cooking and other electrical and gas appliances in a food truck add up to a considerable amount of money and whether you need a single truck, or are planning on growing a fleet, financing is often necessary. This can be difficult, however, if you don’t have a proven track record or if the banks don’t like your idea or see your vision. It is widely known that the vast majority of restaurants struggle to make a profit, and it is not uncommon for the reason to have to do with the financing that the owner/operator received – food truck are no different. Truck Loan Center is committed to providing up and coming food truck owners and operators with access to non-traditional financing and lines of credit. Our extensive network of contacts and lenders across the country means we have a better chance of securing a truck loan or a truck lease than if you were to just use the standard financing procedures. Our clients are always impressed by just how wide a net we cast, and just how inventive we are when it comes to securing the best financing options that are available on the market.

We strive to make the loan process as straightforward and hassle free as possible. Clients provide us with their completed credit application, a detailed summary of any relevant industry experience, information on the type of truck they are looking to secure a truck lease or a truck loan for, and any of the financing concerns or stipulations.

Contact the Truck Loan Center and speak to an experienced loan officer to start securing financing for your food truck loan today.