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Truck Repair Loan

Unexpected repairs or breakdowns are just the nature of the trucking business. When we purchase used trucks or equipment, the chances of mechanical breakdowns are higher than when a brand new truck is purchased. Some of the expenses are easy to work with but when the financial burden of multiple repairs impacts your ability to operate your business profitably, many clients turn to Truck Loan Center for their short term truck repair loans. These loans need to be secured quickly, and at favourable rates so that a small repair issue doesn’t spiral out of control and end up becoming something that costs you or your business dearly. In these instances, it’s important to have access to the experts.

Truck Repair Loan

The advisors at Truck Loan Center can help you secure short term funds, including truck leasing and truck loans, to cover the costs of unexpected repairs. Whether you need a small maintenance job or a complete engine overhaul, our experienced team can get you the funds so that you’re back on the road fast. Every day that your vehicle is not on the road, money could be emptying out of your pocket. It is essential that as soon as the need for repair arises, you get in touch with us right away.

The Truck Loan Center secures approvals for alternative financing options for customers who need longer than 30 or 45 days to pay for a repair. We provide you with an approval for short term truck loans and truck leasing to cash flow your repair for up to 12 months. A shorter period loan or lease keeps your repair a short term expense and not a long term liability for you, the customer. Structuring your loan correctly is paramount, otherwise your ability to continue to run a profitable business could be impacted.

Our application process is designed to be as short as possible, so you can get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible. We can provide funds for all equipment repair work and we deal directly with the repair facility and manage all the payments and paperwork so you don’t have to stop your work. Our aim is to provide our clients with truck loan and truck leasing options quickly and efficiently, minimizing your down time and the number of days where you are out of business, waiting and not making money.

The Truck Loan center can also provide a repair line of credit. You may not need a repair today but it’s always good to have the funds ready in the event something goes wrong with your truck. We can help both owners and operators as well as fleets. We help the trucking industry stay on the road. With a credit line to help in the case of emergency or unexpected circumstances, you can go about your business with the full confidence that you have an effective contingency plan in place to protect you, whatever the circumstances may be.

Truck Repair Loan

Don’t trust your business with just anyone – TRUST THE ONLY TRUCK LOAN SPECIALISTS. There’s a reason our customers speak so highly of us.

Contact us today to secure your approval and get back on the road and back to business in no time flat.